Interested in being a vendor?  We got some rules!  Read ’em, follow ’em.
  1. Space must be paid for before setting up.
  2. No one may rent, loan or give the use of their space to ANYONE other than the approved vendor.
  3. No guns, ammunition, fireworks, offensive material or weaponry.
  4. No alcoholic beverages may be brought on premises. No exceptions.
  5. All devices such as radios, TV’s, etc. must have the volume down or use headphones.
  6. All merchandise must be kept out of the walkway and in your space.
  7. Construction in any booth must be approved by GVPI Rep.
  8. No drug paraphernalia: pipes, papers, clips or the burning of incense without permission.
  9. Conduct yourself in a proper manner. No topless men or women.
  10. In most cases electricity can be provided if needed, please ask.
  11. Dealers may leave set-up, tables, etc. GVPI or the Event Center are not responsible for anything that is left. That includes damage from fire, theft, vandalism, weather or anything else.
  12. Any activity by a vendor that disturbs his/her neighbor will not be allowed. The vendor agrees to abide by the decisions of the organizer as to what is disruptive.
  13. Uncalled for rudeness to customers will not be allowed and the organizers may expel anyone from the grounds at any time for any reason deemed in the best interest of the event.
  14. All trash must be bagged and placed at rear of the booth. All boxes must be broken down and flat with three or more bound together.
  15. No pets allowed.
  16. Dealers are expected to conduct business in a professional manner. The dealer agrees to make a satisfactory exchange or refund to the customer. The dealer agrees to abide by the organizers decision in any dealer/customer dispute.
  17. Covered spaces include one table only. Extra tables may be rented. Do not take tables from other booths, they will be delivered to your booth.
  18. No selling of animals.
  19. All tables are $40 a day rental or $70 for weekend. Additional tables are available at an additional cost.
  20. Vendors/dealers must agree to stay during the times of the event. No excuses.
  21. Set up is required at least 1 hour before doors open.
  22. If you pay for a table and do not show, your table can be given to other incoming vendors and no refunds will be given under any circumstance. The event is a fundraiser. All monies will be part of the benefactor of this event.

Sound good?  Great.  Below, you have the Registration form.  Please fill that out, submit and complete the vendor registration payment for the corresponding day(s).

Vendor Application
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