11:00 to 12:00 – Big Foot experience – Michael Cook

Michael Cook has been researching sightings and encounters of unknown creatures for 19 years, stemming from a face to face encounter with the creature believed to be Bigfoot while fishing on a riverbank. Active in the field, Cook has logged countless hours in the woods conducting research and investigating numerous sightings. Founded and lead The Kentucky Sasquatch Team for 5 years, filing over 350 sighting reports in and around the state of Kentucky. Disbanding the team in 2016, Cook went on to create Cook Cryptid Research to use as a platform for his field research, expanding the search for answers concerning Sasquatch In November 2016, Cook and fellow researcher, Glenn Mink, had an encounter with two Sasquatch within 25 feet from them.

12:30 to 1:30 – Duo Daemonologie James Annitto & Carl Johnson

Carl L. Johnson has been investigating reports of strange phenomena for the past 46 years, beginning with his association with noted ghost-hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren. As members of a team based at Rhode island College, Carl and his identical twin brother Keith were called in to investigate the Perron family’s situation in Harrisville, Rhode Island during August and September of 1973 and they alerted the Warrens to the situation. Forty years later, this inspired a motion picture titled, The Conjuring.

James is a Demonologist, Deacon (Old Catholic), paranormal investigator and researcher that provides his services free of charge to assist homeowners, business-owners and other paranormal teams that require his background in negative haunting’s.

2:00 to 3:00 – Cookie Stringfellow (UFOs in America Today)

Cookie Stringfellow organizes her 300 member Rochester UFO Meetup Group with Carol Shaffer as Co-organizer. For over 35 years Cookie has research UFOs and off-world beings and is well-versed on this topic. She is a documented abductee, who assists others who have been taken by off-world beings (ET’s). Over the past 12 yrs, she’s had many top UFO researchers speak in person, or via SKYPE at her monthly meetings. Cookie attends several out of town UFO conferences yearly, where she’ll sign up speakers for her group. Richard Dolan, a long time member and friend, is a well known historian, researcher, author, speaker and often presents the latest news to members. Cookie and Co-organizer Carol Shaffer, also have an active Paranormal Research Group where they investigate known haunted buildings, historic homes and out of town sites such as Gettysburg etc. However, they specialize in house clearings to remove Spirits for their clients at no charge. They are both Mediums and can hear, see and speak with Spirit and when needed will assist these Spirits into the Light.