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Thank you to everyone that came and participated in the 2019 Rochester Winter Parafest. Your participation and support helped in raising over $1300 to Operation Build Up.

About Operation Build Up

We surprise struggling veterans in need with a vehicle to prevent veteran homelessness and suicides. Our team operates by surprise so the veterans never know when we are coming. We find that the same pride that convinced them to step forward to defend us is the same pride causing them to sleep on the streets or worse.. killing them at home...

There is no favoritism when it comes to the demographics that we will aid. This is not a post 9/11 charity, or disability only charity, we do not treat active duty veterans any different than reserve veterans, combat veterans compared to non-combat veterans. That is not what we are about. The fact of the matter is every one of us took an oath, we would gladly charge our nation's enemies alongside any one of you, young and old. If you need assistance to reach out to us.

-All Information Regarding Operation Build Up is direct from Operation Build Up
We want to thank Ted Van Son and his team for the amazing job that they did putting together the 2019 Winter Parafest to benefit Operation Build Up! A lot of hard work went into it and they helped us raise over $1,000 towards our mission!! Semper Fi!!

I have really great news! The veteran that we surprised with a vehicle tonight is going to accept the vehicle that we surprised her with!!

She is so humbled and grateful! Thank you to all of the veterans that we surprised in the past that spoke to her at the reveal, and those that asked for her contact information and called her over the last couple of hours. She is overwhelmed with support!

Her "American Family" will also be traveling in and staying for a couple of weeks to help her stabilize her life. It is truly a beautiful thing to one minute feel so alone, losing hope, and the next to be surrounded by support when so many suddenly jumped in the trenches beside her. She is very taken back that so many care.

I have to apologize but we won't be uploading the video of today's reveal. It was a lot for her to take on and she feels embarrassed by her reaction... We understand 100% why she had the reaction that she did, and are honored to stand beside her! The only reason why we put videos out is to gain momentum when it comes to public support, we didn't sacrifice for the vehicle, or a video, we all sacrificed for her!! We made a real difference here!! Oorah troops! We did it!

- Justin Cogswell

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